Coronation Street's Max to receive an emotional visit from David

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street's Max Turner receives another visit from his dad David Platt tonight (May 17) amid concern over his mental health.

David desperately hopes that Max will open up after his recent video from the Secure Training Centre revealed how much he was struggling.

Earlier this month, Max stole his teacher Daniel Osbourne's phone and recorded an emotional message about how difficult he was finding his time locked away.

daniel osbourne, max, coronation street

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Daniel has since been passing a phone back and forth to Max so that he can record a video diary. He also allowed David to film a video expressing his concern for Max.

In Wednesday's episode, Daniel finds a moment at the STC to discreetly quiz Max on whether he watched David's video.

Max confirms that he did, but reveals that he hasn't recorded a reply.

Later, David arrives for a scheduled visit and hopes it'll go better than last time, when Max stormed off.

max turner, david platt, coronation street

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It's an emotional moment as David expresses his worries over Max, but will the teen pluck up the courage to tell his dad how he feels, or is their relationship damaged for good?

Paddy Bever, who plays Max, recently spoke about his character's fractured relationship with David.

He said: "Their relationship is quite strained because Max feels like David does so much for him and he constantly feels like he is letting him down so he really struggles with that.

"Max feels like he is constantly making mistakes then apologising, then making mistakes then apologising and he feels like he has gone too far with things.

"Max can't forgive himself so he can't see David forgiving him either, even though he does forgive him. But there will be a point where Max is forced to express his feelings to David."

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