Coronation Street's Nick and Toyah lock lips in affair twist as star says it's 'out of the blue'

Coronation Street's Nick and Toyah
-Credit: (Image: ITV)

Coronation Street fans were left shouting 'knew it' at their TV screens as they seemingly witnessed the start of a possible affair storyline for Nick Tilsley and Toyah Battersby.

Viewers of the ITV soap have previously predicted the pair could find solace in one another after Toyah's heartbreaking secret was uncovered.

Back in April, Toyah was triggered after she found the men digging a spot in a local park that Roy Cropper's dog, Freddie, had paid an interest in. As they revealed that they saw Freddie digging in the same place, they also shared their theory that Roy may have buried Lauren Bolton's body there, after he was accused of her murder for months.

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Toyah quickly saw red, picked up a shovel and smashed their car window whilst one of the sleuths filmed her on his phone. Later, Toyah was found by Nick in the flat they share in tears. She then opened up about why she was so distressed by the trolls' actions, revealing she gave birth to her stillborn daughter as a teenager and buried her in the spot they were disturbing.

Nick was left in tears himself as Toyah opened up about giving birth to a baby girl, when she was 19, at 26 weeks pregnant, with the pregnancy a result of her being raped by Phil Simmonds. Nick asked questions about why Toyah didn't tell anybody as she shared what happened in the immediate aftermath of giving birth to her lifeless daughter.

Nick has since been supportive of Toyah after her sister Leanne failed to show any care towards her sister's ordeal. And with that, their snog also comes as Nick and Toyah bond over their struggles with getting partner and sister Leanne Battersby to see any wrong in Rownan Cunliffe and 'the Institute'.

In Monday night's (June 10) visit to Weatherfield, viewers saw both Toyah and Nick struggling to convince Leanne to step away from her growing association with Rowan and the Institute.

Nick and Toyah kiss in Corrie -Credit:ITV
Nick and Toyah kiss in Corrie -Credit:ITV

With their relationship in freefall, Leanne then walked out of the flat and it was Toyah who was there to comfort Nick, in more ways than one. After a shock passionate clinch, will Nick and Leanne regret letting their emotions get the better of them or will the pair embark on a forbidden affair?

In new pictures, fans get a sense of their internal struggle as both Nick and Toyah battle to put head over heart. Will tonight’s kiss change everything?

Georgia Taylor, who plays Toyah, said of the latest twist: "It’s really confusing for Toyah, Nick is to all intents and purposes her brother in law and they haven’t always got on, so it's not like she's been harbouring some secret attraction. So this has hit her out of the blue, they’ve both been there for each other these last few weeks when life has been really tough and those feelings are starting to get a little bit blurred.

"Toyah loves her sister but every time she feels guilty for leaning on Nick, Leanne does something to push her away again. It's difficult when you're angry at someone, but you also feel guilty for something you've done to them. It's very conflicting for Toyah."