Coronation Street's Peter fears he's dying, and 7 more big soap moments this week

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Soap spoilers follow.

Note: The following article contains discussion of themes including suicide that some readers may find upsetting.

Struggling to keep track of the constant stream of soap spoilers? Fear not, as every Monday Digital Spy picks out the biggest and best storylines hitting your screens in the week ahead.

1. Coronation Street: Peter's life hangs in the balance

(Monday at 7.30pm on ITV)

Photo credit: ITV
Photo credit: ITV

With Peter's health in rapid decline following his alcohol relapse, Daniel is horrified to find his brother in Victoria Gardens, clutching his stomach and vomiting. Seeing his clothes are covered in blood, Daniel fears the worst and hastily rings for an ambulance as Peter slumps to the ground.

Another unpleasant shock awaits at the hospital as the doctors tell Peter he's suffering from liver failure. While Daniel struggles to process the bleak news, Peter makes him promise not to breathe a word about what's going on – especially to Ken or Simon. But when Adam finds out, he goes against Peter's wishes by telling Ken about his potentially fatal diagnosis.

Rushing to his hospital bedside, Ken is devastated to realise just how sick his son is, and it seems years of horrendous abuse have finally taken their toll when Peter tells his dad it's time to accept he's dying.

The following day, Peter discharges himself from hospital and returns home to the cobbles. He's confronted by Carla, who's fuming at him for doing a disappearing act. Her anger turns to anguish when Peter explains that he's suffering from liver failure, but while Carla pleads with Peter to let her look after him, he's adamant it's all too late.

2. Emmerdale: Charity and Mack cause mayhem

(Monday at 7pm on ITV)

Photo credit: ITV
Photo credit: ITV

Charity and Mackenzie become partners in crime again this week as they attempt to rob a delivery van. But their pair's criminal plan goes horribly wrong, forcing Charity to whack the driver of the vehicle over the head with a spanner.

With their victim lying unconscious, the Dales' answer to Bonnie and Clyde flirt up a storm as they hastily rifle through the boxes looking for the most expensive loot to sell. The pair move in for a kiss, just as the driver suddenly wakes up and grabs a baseball bat. Will they manage to escape unharmed?

As well as leading troubled Charity astray, Mack seems to have made quite an impression on Kim, who offers him a reward if he helps bring her nemesis Cain down. Clearly tempted by her proposition, Mack begins spending more time at Home Farm, and is intrigued when he spies the lady of the manor accessing a secret safe.

Knowing there must be some serious cash stashed inside, Mack and Charity hatch a plan to clear Kim's safe, but as they get to work, one of the devious duo ends up betraying the other.

3. EastEnders: Dark times for tortured Mick

(New Year's Eve at 8pm on BBC One)

Photo credit: Kieron McCarron/Jack Barnes - BBC
Photo credit: Kieron McCarron/Jack Barnes - BBC

Linda has to decide where her heart truly lies when Max presents her with tickets to New Zealand for New Year's Day. Can she abandon Mick when he needs her the most?

Shirley seems to have more success getting Mick to open up after she issues him with a few stark home truths, but as 2020 draws to a close, the former landlord is at an all time low as he contemplates taking his own life.

Consumed with emotions from the past, Mick experiences another vivid flashback to his time as a child with Katy, and makes a life-changing realisation. Knowing the time has finally come to confront his demons, Mick heads to Katy's home for a showdown with his abuser.

4. Hollyoaks: New Year Flashforward mystery is solved

(Monday at 7pm on E4 and Tuesday at 6.30pm on Channel 4)

Photo credit: Lime Pictures
Photo credit: Lime Pictures

After a 12-month wait, it's the moment of truth as Hollyoaks finally reveals what happened in last year's epic flashforward episode. It's New Year's Eve in the village and Victor summons his teen drug runners – Juliet, Ella and Charlie – to give them his final orders ahead of the celebrations.

Elsewhere, Jordan is choosing to ignore Victor's calls in favour of seeing 2021 in with Peri, but his two-timing antics are at risk of being rumbled when Leela suddenly arrives home.

As Jordan faces the music, the game is also up for Charlie when John Paul sees him dealing drugs to Ollie and reports back to Nancy. The revelation sparks Mandy's suspicions, and as she desperately tries to contact Ella, Nancy is horrified when the police discover gear stashed in Charlie's game controller.

A search for the missing students gets under way, but Ella and Charlie aren't the only ones in danger as Victor threatens to kill one of Juliet's loved ones. Facing a race against time, Juliet rushes to the Lomaxes, where she and Peri declare their feelings for one another.

But one unlucky villager won't get to see in the New Year, and as the situation spirals, John Paul arrives at The Hutch to see George's ID lying next to a body bag. Believing his boyfriend is dead, JP is beside himself with grief, but there could be another twist in the tale when the identity of the corpse is finally revealed.

5. Emmerdale: Harriet faces a new threat

(New Year's Eve at 7.30pm on ITV)

Photo credit: ITV
Photo credit: ITV

Haunted by her guilt and unable to move on, Harriet pays a visit to Malone's fresh resting place in the grounds of Home Farm. But as she continues to suffer in silence, she receives a visit from fellow vicar Charles, who announces their parishes are merging, meaning they'll be working together for the foreseeable. Following the surprise news, Harriet sees out the year sat alone by Malone's grave, consumed with worry over what her future holds.

And the signs for a better 2021 aren't looking promising when newcomer Charles confronts her the following day, revealing there's evidence a grave in the churchyard has been recently disturbed.

Knowing he's referring to the plot Malone was originally placed in, panic sets in for Harriet as she fears the dog-collared detective might unearth her killer secret.

6. Coronation Street: Adam and Sarah kiss and make up

(New Year's Eve at 8.30pm on ITV)

Photo credit: ITV
Photo credit: ITV

Home from hospital following his attack, Adam pays Sarah a visit at Number 8, telling her that he knows she was the one who tipped the police off about Gary burying Rick's body in the woods. Sarah confirms his theory, explaining it was time Gary was brought to justice, but as Adam leaves, she's left fearing what he'll tell the police.

Confronting Gary in the furniture shop, Adam accuses him of moving Rick's remains, but their heated conversation is overheard by Faye who wants to know what's going on. With both his sister and an increasingly distressed Kelly – who wants answers about her dad's whereabouts – on his case, the net could be closing in on the Coronation Street killer.

But while Gary's past crimes could be about to catch up with him, the future is looking rosy for Sarah and Adam when she invites him to see in the New Year with her. Cracking open a bottle of wine, the couple toast to 2021 as they agree to give their marriage another shot.

7. EastEnders: Ruby makes Kush an offer

(Tuesday 29th December at 7.30pm on BBC One)

Photo credit: Kieron McCarron/Jack Barnes - BBC
Photo credit: Kieron McCarron/Jack Barnes - BBC

Martin has some big making up to do with Ruby after spending Christmas Day getting cosy with ex-wife Stacey. However, he's taken aback by Ruby's announcement that she wants a baby.

Unsure what to do, he turns to Stacey for advice, but that only results in riling Ruby even further as she warns her former friend to stay out of her marriage. Martin might want the three of them to all be mates, but Ruby is convinced Stace is out to steal her fella.

Later, Kush confirms Ruby's fears when he accidentally lets slip that Stacey wants Martin back. Unable to contain her rage against her love rival, Ruby makes Kush a shocking proposition, which he's very tempted to accept.

By the end of the week, Stacey, Kat and Martin are all concerned to discover Kush and Arthur have gone missing. Is Ruby behind their sudden disappearance?

8. Hollyoaks: Will Tom and Yazz say 'I do'?

(Monday at 7pm on E4 and Tuesday at 6.30pm on Channel 4)

Photo credit: Lime Pictures
Photo credit: Lime Pictures

Tom and Yazz's impending nuptials provides a glimmer of light amongst all the darkness of this week's episodes. As the young couple prepare to exchange vows in front of their loved ones, Misbah, Sami and Imran are blown away by the sight of the beautiful bride walking down the stairs towards them.

Elsewhere, best man Romeo is heartbroken to hear Cher has ditched him to go on a date with another guy. Annoyed with himself for not believing her warning about Juliet's drug dealing, Romeo is left fearing he has messed up his last chance with the sassy McQueen.

At The Dog, Tom has morphed into a total Groomzilla as he gives instructions for Mandy and Nancy to get the pub ready for the ceremony. But with all the drama unfolding around them, will Tom and Yazz's wedding go without a hitch?

We would encourage anyone who identifies with the topics raised in this article to reach out. Organisations who can offer support include Samaritans on 116 123 ( or Mind on 0300 123 3393 ( Readers in the US are encouraged to visit or the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

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