Coronation Street's Ryan Connor left devastated over Daisy

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Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street's Daisy Midgeley has been continuing with her plan to cheer Ryan Connor up during his recovery by texting him under the guise of Ibiza DJ Crystal.

Things were always going to backfire on Daisy at some point, and tonight's (May 10) episode saw her struggle to keep her lies going, with Ryan left feeling devastated.

Tonight's instalment opened with Daisy promising Daniel that she would take a step back from helping Ryan — but when she went to see him, she found that all he could talk about was Crystal.

daisy midgeley, ryan connor , coronation street

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Daisy tried to put Ryan off Crystal by texting him later on and saying that she had hairy feet, was having lots of sex in Ibiza and wasn't actually that into electronic music, preferring country.

But that only made Ryan like Crystal more. He even replied that he was planning to buy flights to Ibiza to see her.

At Ryan's flat, Daisy tried to convince him that going to Ibiza was a bad idea and that he needed to be out and about his local area rather than moping around indoors. Ryan wondered how Daisy knew about him wanting to book plane tickets, and she narrowly avoided getting caught out by pointing at the travel website open on his laptop.

The two went for a walk and then a drink in the Rovers, which Ryan admitted did him a lot of good. What was obvious but they didn't admit was that they both had feelings for each other... although if Jenny hadn't interrupted while they were holding hands, who knows?

daisy midgeley, ryan connor , coronation street

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Not long after, Daniel turned up and saw the pair hanging out before Ryan went home.

Feeling the pressure from her other half, Daisy told Daniel that she was only hanging out Ryan until he was well enough and she could leave him to it, which Ryan overheard.

Can Daisy smooth things over, or will she end up making things even worse? Well, this is a soap...

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