Coronation Street's Sarah Platt confronted over Damon Hay affair

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street has revealed which Weatherfield resident has discovered Sarah Platt and Damon Hay's affair.

Monday's episode (May 8) involved Sarah getting sloppy over covering up her latest tryst with Damon, leading to Dee Dee Bailey realising what's really going on between the pair.

Dee Dee was first suspicious when she tried to organise a business meeting with Adam Barlow, though they were surprised to find the bistro locked.

coronation street's sarah tina o’brien and damon ciaran griffiths embrace

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Meanwhile, Damon had closed up shop at the bistro after secretly kissing Sarah and sneaking off upstairs so they could continue their fling.

Nick and Leanne were alarmed to hear about the bistro being closed so they opened it up for Dee Dee and Damon, though they all wondered where Damon had gone off to.

Upstairs, Sarah and Damon were terrified over the sound of people in the bistro — leading Damon to pretend to the others that the oven was overheating so he needed them all out.

In the chaos, Dee Dee spotted Sarah's bag in the corner and realised what was really going on. Sarah had been able to slip out the back, later warning Damon they couldn't get together again.

coronation street's sarah tina o’brien and damon ciaran griffiths embrace

However, Damon her invited to come back later and, sure enough, Sarah made an excuse to Adam about going to see some girlfriends so she could slip out to see Damon.

Before she could leave, Dee Dee dropped in to quietly confirm to Sarah that she knew about the fling with Damon.

"I know what happened in the bistro this afternoon," Dee Dee told a stunned Sarah. "I hid your bag so Adam didn't see it."

She then warned Sarah: "You're free to do whatever you want but please don't involve me in whatever this is. I work with your husband and I don't like keeping secrets."

Adam broke up their uncomfortable conversation, and once Dee Dee excused herself, Sarah called off her tryst with Damon to spend the night with Adam instead.

But is it really over for Sarah and Damon?

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