Coronation Street's Stephen Reid makes new killer threat

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Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Stephen Reid has made an ominous death threat in Coronation Street.

The serial killer finally seemed to be on the back foot when he was warned that someone knew what he'd done, so he scrambled to continue his crimes in Friday's episode.

In the latest instalment, Stephen was in the middle of showing off his fancy new car when he received a hand-delivered poison pen letter that warned: "I know what you did to Rufus."

The killer soon got to the bottom of the threats when he approached the two lads who'd sold him LSD and they revealed that they'd figured out he must have drugged Rufus.

coronation street, stephen

The lads demanded Stephen pay them £10,000, and after he agreed to pay up, he lured the boys away from their meeting spot at the police precinct with a threat of his own.

Stephen invited the boys to go to police, but warned them that if they actually went through with it, he'd be proven innocent. Then, he'd hunt them both down and make sure they were both murdered.

The lads were certainly convinced by Stephen's sinister threat. While it appeared he was in the clear, Stephen then had to deal with future son-in-law Tim's objection to his engagement.

Stephen goaded Tim into admitting why he was opposed to the marriage, with Tim explaining it didn't make sense why Stephen would marry his mum if it wasn't for her money.

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Elaine was heartbroken by her son's assessment, leading her to disinvite him from the wedding and announce that she would be moving into a hotel until the ceremony.

More trouble is on the horizon as Stephen considers his next victim when he notices business contact Owen flirting with Jenny Connor.

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