Coronation Street's Toyah has no clue 'danger' she is in as actress teases exit and says 'I don't want to'

Toyah Habeeb, played by Georgia Taylor, in Coronation Street
-Credit: (Image: ITV)

Coronation Street's Toyah Habeeb has no idea 'how dangerous' Rowan Cunliffe is after his blackmail as the actress that plays her teases a possible exit. As viewers of the ITV soap know, Toyah hasn't been happy with her sister's involvement with Rowan and The Institute.

Leanne met Rowan back in March when she accompanied Simon Barlow to one of his seminars at the Chariot Square Hotel. Leanne was taken aback when the group mentor approached her and offered her some unsolicited advice as she dealt with Simon's drink-driving and her partner Nick Tilsley's reaction to the accident he had with his son Sam Blakeman in the car.

Since then, Leanne has become further involved in The Institute and it seems to be to the detriment of her relationship with Nick as well as her sister Toyah. And Rowan hasn't made things either, blackmailing Toyah, with information from Leanne, into signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to stop her bad mouthing The Institute.

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But as Corrie fans know, Toyah, played by Georgia Taylor, is hiding a huge secret from her sister Leanne having enjoyed a very brief fling with her fiancé Nick. Fans previously predicted the pair could find solace in one another but what they didn't bet on was being caught by one of Rowan's mystery pals.

Speaking about Rowan and whether she realises how dangerous he can be, actress Georgia told the Manchester Evening News and other press: "I don't know. Part of me thinks she must have an idea but then part of me things why is she constantly putting herself in danger by first of all saying she wouldn't sign the NDA and then being blackmailed into signing it.

"Maybe in some ways, it's kind of a distraction with all the stuff that's come out about Rose and in a way, gives her a project to focus on which is, 'I just need to get my sister out of this cult!' So maybe she's not fully aware of how much danger she's putting herself in."

And Rowan has since discovered just how far Toyah and Nick's passionate clinch went after Leanne informed him Toyah was pregnant during scenes aired during Wednesday night's (July 3) Corrie.

It started at the Bistro when Toyah was seen doubled over in pain. Leanne insisted she go home and back at the flat, she complained to Nik that she wasn't feeling great but as he left, she collapsed to the floor and returning home, Nick found her in agony.

Toyah has faced trouble with Rowan -Credit:ITV
Toyah has faced trouble with Rowan -Credit:ITV

He took her to the hospital and as he and Leanne were seen waiting at her bedside before the doctor delivered the shock news that she was pregnant. Leanne was baffled as to how that could be the case, with Toyah under the impression she couldn't have children and the fact she is currently single. Toyah put it down to a one-night stand but Nick's guilt was written all over his face.

Asked whether the pregnancy is a dream come true moment or if it was tinged by the complication of who the father is, Georgia admitted: "It's bittersweet isn't it but I think given how this is everything she's wanted for her entire adult life, if this were to go ahead, I think she'd say to Nick, 'You know what, you don't have to be involved. I'll do this on my own, I'll move away'... But hopefully not because I don't want to leave the show."

However, during Friday night's (July 5) trip to Weatherfield, it was revealed that Toyah isn't pregnant and that heartbreakingly, a growth has been found on one of her ovaries and that she could have ovarian cancer and now needs to undergo more tests to determine a possible diagnosis.

Toyah is given worrying news -Credit:ITV
Toyah is given worrying news -Credit:ITV

Asked who she thinks will be there to support Toyah, Georgia told us: "It's difficult because I think Nick wants to be there for her. I think he's becoming emotionally fully invested in her but it's about how much she lets him. Also, on the other side, Leanne with the Institute is really affecting Leanne's behaviour.

"She's lovely when Toyah's having the scan but as the storyline moves on, Leanne starts to emotionally disconnect even more and then because Toyah's got no friends, let's be honest, it's going to be Nick because he's the one there with his arms open saying, 'Let me help you!'"

But the soap star doesn't think Toyah feels too guilty about her feelings for Nick. "A bit guilty... they kind of flip flop back and forth and there are moments when they're overwhelmed with guilt and there are moments when both Nick and Toyah seem to be able to quite comfortably put that to one side.

"But I do think it's because, and I don't want to victim blame, but Leanne's behaviour is so out there and she's so combative, she's almost like a robot. We've played some scenes where she's almost not a real person, it's actually quite chilling. I think Jane [Danson, who plays Leanne] is doing an amazing job because it's like you're playing a scene with someone you've never played a scene with before. It's really odd."