Coronavirus: 10.5 million motorists planning overnight stay on Saturday as lockdown eased, poll finds

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    Everyone needs to take this slowly and use common sense and respect for the fact the virus could upsurge again. Otherwise we will have lost all the gains we have made and the economic consequences will be even more devastating and will affect everyone. Just look at CNN and see what has happened in America when everyone decided it was okay to start partying again and ignore masks and social distancing. Don’t blame the government for the behaviour of people, everyone has a personal responsibility for their own behaviour. As a key worker I have worked through the whole time, but seeing the behaviour of people I am more afraid now than I was at the peak of the pandemic.
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    I am going camping for a few days with my family to a place that is quiet and peaceful with all the amenities that we want. I am completely ignoring any kind of social distancing and we will be doing exactly what we want. We will be leaving as much litter as we like and we do not have to care about anyone else at all. Forgot to say, it is in our garden.
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    My big trip out this weekend will be to take my dog for a walk over the local common. For entertainment I'll be listening to the travel news.
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    Can somebody tell me how you can have social distancing in somebody's house if you are staying overnight . Who makes up all these
    rules & regulations , they obviously don't live on this planet .
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    so in 2 weeks they will be requiring overnight accommodation in an NHS hospital?
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    Now of course the transmission points will be the petrol stations where drivers fill up and the family wants treats, snacks and drinks and everyone will want to use the toilets-will these be open? During lockdown many lorry drivers reported toilets closed so you can imagine that they took a bucket with them lots of water and some wipes-so go prepared!
    How many people will forget to use their gloves wipes and spray when handling the petrol pump nozzle/filler and how many will remember social distancing when paying;I predict that there will be minimal use of masks and everyone will forget and believe that it is all over.Sorry it is just the beginning of something that will be written up in future history books.Stay at home if you value your life.
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    Good luck. hope you enjoy spending your day in the 'car park' with the millions of others who are the only one's doing it. Covidiots the lot of them!
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    Martin ShoeSoul
    Watch a load of traffic works spring up on maine routes no doubt to
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    Barbara Ford
    Must be desperate to risk their lives for a night on the town,
    The virus is still around and it’s very likely because of the easing of restriction, we’ll be getting a second wave
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    Honest to god it is the beaches all over again common sense goes out the window.Stay at home the roads will still be there let's not undo the hard work ,