Coronavirus: 14-day quarantine for travellers arriving in UK from 8 June

James Morris
Senior news reporter, Yahoo News UK
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    While other countries either closed their borders or quarantined all arrivals, in the three months between the emergence of the virus and the UK’s lockdown, 18 million people arrived on these shores, of whom only 273 were quarantined. Even after the lockdown was announced, 95,000 people entered the UK without additional restrictions. In fact, on 13 March, the UK stood down even its own guidance, which had gently requested travellers from Italy and China to self-isolate. This decision, taken as other nations were stepping up their controls, seems baffling.

    Exercise Cygnus, a pandemic simulation conducted in 2016, found that the impacts in care homes would be catastrophic unless new measures were put in place. The government insists that it heeded the findings of this exercise and changed its approach accordingly. If this is correct, by allowing untested patients to be shifted from hospitals to care homes, while failing to provide the extra support and equipment the homes needed and allowing agency workers to move freely within and between them, it knowingly breached its own protocols. Tens of thousands of highly vulnerable people were exposed to infection.
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    So I can give my mother in law a weekend break in Spain, and then have her locked up for two weeks after? I'm off to book her stay now :)
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    Seth C
    Not Often I would agree with Michael O'Leary, Ryanair, but this time I do. Someone comes into country, fills in a form stating where they will stay for 14 days. After this they get on public transport mix with public in busy stations move to locations throughout UK. If they have the virus and not know they unwittingly spread it Thank You Pritti Patel. Surely best way would be to temp test and then if any symptom give a proper test and isolate until result. Schools have to have an isolation facility so why not ports ? If this was such a great idea why has it taken so long to bring in??????
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    Daniel S
    Most governments have applied that at the beginning of the pandemic. But the UK do always need to be different.
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    Stable Door & Horse Bolted springs to mind
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    Who are they expecting from the 8th June? I'm just about fed-up with this dragging out of something made from nothing; if it was a genuine mistake, then the Government would apologise, knowing that that would give them more credibility and respect from it's citizens...there is something amiss here, I don't know what, but it has nothing to do with a virus that they keep changing their minds about, that they know nothing about, but know that it will be here for a long time, and strangely enough that they can make a vaccination for (when they have failed to make a vaccination for every other strain of the virus's family) and that they knew it was dangerous enough to destroy the economy for, and gain enough debt that our great, great, great, great, great-grandchildren will be paying for...I had a guy ask me the other day, if any of my work colleagues had gone down with the virus (I work in a supermarket) - I told him 'no'; he told me that that was interesting to hear, as none of the staff in any of the other supermarkets that he had visited had either..THINK people - question everything, do your own news finding and think further ahead than this lockdown.
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    It's like wiping your feet before entering a muddy field!!
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    So ... what if they are only here for one week? What about if they are only here for a short 3 day business trip?

    Not exactly a comprehensive and robust set of rules from Ms PRATel it seems
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    Is this going to be enforced by the government or they are going to leave it to the good old travelers to self-quarantine?
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    Patel was asked a specific question about the delay to isolate traveller coming into the country until 9th June. She answered that controls are in place now? They are not in place now !!
    Clear she has no concern about the public. Have to ask , where is Boris???