Three things you need to know about the new coronavirus antibody tests

James Morris
Senior news reporter, Yahoo News UK
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    I guarantee you there will be queue's outside boots' miles long with people who have nothing to do with the NHS. This will simply create another panic. If they are for NHS staff do it within the NHS not externally.
  • M
    It seems the test is not very precise and will test for any corona virus. It's worrying as it will confirm "herd immunity" which may not be present.
  • C
    Its easy isn't it ?
    1- Frontline workers
    2- Those with health problems already
    3- Over 70's
    4- Supermarket and Retail Staff.
    5- The rest of us.
  • T
    It should be a "free for all." Many people who thought they had the flu back and in Jan and Fed might have in fact had the coronavirus. And we need to start collecting data on that, too.
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    So I get this test, I am shown to have had the virus without knowing it does that mean I can no longer carry it by touch and spread it around ?
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    D C
    Test will not be available to public for many months. We need workers to be tested first, key then everyone else.
  • J
    If I can get a test I can either keep isolated or venture forth into the community to help others. It's the "not knowing" that is clogging everything up.
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    but theres 70 million what need testing
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    John D
    Do not give it to Boots use some other method. Boots do not pay British taxes . They moved their HQ to Luxembourg. Junker's Corporation Tax free haven.
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    All those working to fight this must be priority. NHS Staff, GP Surgeries, all Hospital Staff, Careworkers and Carehome Staff, Ambulance Staff, Police, Troops, Firefighters, Chemists, delivery Staff, foodstore workers, cleaners in any of these environments. By the time they are all catered for that'll easily use up the 3.5 million! Never mind amazon!!!