Coronavirus: Boris Johnson wrongly claims people who self-isolate receive £500 a week, in latest rules blunder

Rob Merrick
·1-min read

Boris Johnson has blundered over his own Coronavirus rules again, wrongly claiming that people who self-isolate will receive £500 each week.

In fact, only a single £500 payment is made to people who are told to stay at home and who cannot work – and it is only paid to low-earners.

The prime minister’s spokesman admitted his mistake, saying: “There is a one-off payment of £500 to cover the period of self-isolation.”

The gaffe comes after Mr Johnson admitted failing to understand local lockdown restrictions in the North East – and then mixed up the guidelines in Merseyside, in a TV interview.

Quizzed on Monday morning about the 16,000 missing positive test results, the prime minister urged the public to recognise that self-isolation, when instructed, was “the way to make it work.

“£500 if you do, per week, and a £10,000 fine if you don’t,” he told reporters.

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