Coronavirus: Some Britons defy lockdown again - and one police officer had clearly had enough

The vast majority of Britons were left scratching their heads after pictures once again emerged of some people ignoring the lockdown as temperatures soared.

Sunbathers and picnickers were out across the country despite the risk of catching COVID-19 or spreading it.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Health Secretary Matt Hancock were among those urging the public to stay inside despite the warm weather, reaching 21C (69.8F) on Sunday.

Police patrols did their best to disperse crowds which began to gather in contravention of social distancing instructions, but the numbers of people who had decided not to comply with those instructions were significant.

One officer in Hove had clearly had enough - and decided to disrupt a couple of people having a barbecue on a pebble beach by filling his helmet with water and using it to extinguish the flames.

Angry users on social media have called for the government to take action.

Kim P wrote on Twitter: "I can see full lockdown coming because of these idiots!! That'll certainly have them moaning and no doubt they'll be blaming others!!"

Lauren Green complained: "I swear if we get put on another 6 weeks of lockdown because of idiots who aren't taking this seriously I'm not going to be happy!!"

"I've already been inside for 3 weeks longer than everyone else and it's starting to do my head in!! I miss my family."

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Mr Hancock has warned Britons that outdoor exercise may be banned if people continue to flout social distancing rules - but added no "imminent" changes to the nationwide lockdown are currently in the offing.

The government instructions state that people should only be leaving their house during the lockdown for food, health reasons, outdoor exercise or to go to work if they cannot do their job from home.

Another 621 coronavirus victims across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland were confirmed by the Department of Health and Social care earlier on Sunday, taking the UK total to 4,934.

With the temperature set to dip again from Monday and the skies to cloud over and rain, perhaps people will be less emboldened to venture outside.