Coronavirus: Britons urged to 'use common sense' as beaches and parks packed on hot Bank Holiday Monday

Lucia Binding, news reporter
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    I live near a beach in Wales, had a walk there this afternoon and it was pleasantly quiet there. A few more people than usual but still ok.
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    I really don't see the appeal of sitting on a crowded beach
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    I live in Weston-Super-Mare, packed beach and promanade, Chippies doing a roaring trade. So much for social distanceing
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    Here it is really packed and has been since mid morning the locals are staying well clear... Then again we get to appreciate it when it is quiet and only fair we share it and if people consider the risk worth taking take it ... The police are in an impossible position orders from on high but impossible to implement..
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    beryl ann
    I have not been out since February stayed at home and have done some gardening played ball with my dog in the garden and just got on with it, some days more difficult than others but did what I had to do to save my life and try to keep safe, the mentality of some people is beyond me and to go to the seaside is just unthinkable after all we are going through to save lives, what was the lockdown for if it had to be for a year it should be adhered to and not taken lightly as it appears some are doing.
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    i went past an estate earlier,, must of been about 10 paddling pools a couple of trampolines and the playground, full of dozens of kids and parents even a sound system and dj,,, plus a few bbqs,,, everything lined up next to eachother,, a huge patch of grass and everyone standing next to eachother,,
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    Still waiting for the “second wave” started by the VE Day celebrations. And the second wave across Europe where they’ve been allowed out for a month. No sign of it yet
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    "...According to the rules..."

    What rules? There are no rules. If those who make the rules can pi33 all over them when it suits, so can those who don't make the rules.
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    "urge people to use common sense"........ The fact is that no such thing exists, sense is not common, far from it .... What passes as 'sense' in any individual is a culmination of their socio economic group, their parents, their IQ, their upbringing, their education (or lack of it), where they were educated, how well they are educated .... Then on top of that we have their emotions. Then their personal beliefs regarding family, friends, religion and politics plus their mental health ..... The term 'Bread & Circus' was coined with regard to the 'Mob', the City of Rome's equivalent of the working class ... To keep the peace the Emperor and the senate had distribute free food and keep the mob entertained with the Roman Games ... As the Roman Empire collapsed, just as the GB Empire collapsed, Rome spent 66% of it's income on Bread & Circus ... Think about that and all it implies for the UK and where Brexit came from .... In truth little has changed over the past 2000 years ... People i.e. the masses, they still demand most everything be done for them ....... This story is that reality personified ..... People, masses, they care about only themselves, their issues, their life ... If they now find they have been infected during this reported activity or others like it .... Then it will 100% in their minds entirely someone else's fault .... It'll be the government's fault which the media tells them is being confusing or it will be the council's fault for opening the lido ... But what it will never be is their fault ... The masses, i.e. the mob, they do not understand being self responsible, they didn't in Rome in antiquity and they do not today in the UK in 2020 ... Still they demand 'Bread & Circus'...... Really, get a grip people and act like adults, not children.
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    Cmon they complain about going to school but they do this