Coronavirus cases in London: Latest figures for each borough

Imogen Braddick
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AFP via Getty Images
AFP via Getty Images

With more than 27,000 confirmed coronavirus cases in the capital, Londoners have been warned that the city is "definitely" at risk from a second wave of infections.

Last month, an antibody surveillance study suggested 17 per cent of people in London had coronavirus antibodies.

But Tim Spector, a professor of genetic epidemiology at King’s College London, warned earlier this month that the university’s app is not seeing infection levels falling in London in the same pattern as other regions.

"We still aren’t seeing the numbers coming down in the same way in London and the South East, where we need extra vigilance, especially with shoppers heading back to the high street and social interactions between wider family groups increasing," he warned.

As of Monday, London has 27,651 confirmed cases, according to data from Public Health England.

Brent and Croydon have been hardest hit with more than 1,500 cases, while the City of London has recorded just 18 infections.

Here, we take a look at how many cases have been reported in each borough.

Barking and Dagenham

Number of cases: 513

Rate per 100,000: 242


Number of cases: 1,319

Rate per 100,000: 336.4


Number of cases: 743

Rate per 100,000: 300.5


Number of cases: 1,510

Rate per 100,000: 456.5


Number of cases: 1,292

Rate per 100,000: 390.2


Number of cases: 642

Rate per 100,000: 244.8

City of London

Number of cases: 18

Rate per 100,000: 206.8


Number of cases: 1,522

Rate per 100,000: 395


Number of cases: 1,242

Rate per 100,000: 363.2


Number of cases: 898

Rate per 100,000: 269


Number of cases: 663

Rate per 100,000: 237.1

Hammersmith and Fulham

Number of cases: 697

Rate per 100,000: 375.9


Number of cases: 610

Rate per 100,000: 225.4


Number of cases: 1,053

Rate per 100,000: 420.9


Number of cases: 809

Rate per 100,000: 265.4


Number of cases: 785

Rate per 100,000: 289.9


Number of cases: 471

Rate per 100,000: 197

Kensington and Chelsea

Number of cases: 525

Rate per 100,000: 336.1

Kingston upon Thames

Number of cases: 533

Rate per 100,000: 303.8


Number of cases: 1,224

Rate per 100,000: 375.6


Number of cases: 1,006

Rate per 100,000: 331.4


Number of cases: 705

Rate per 100,000: 341.9


Number of cases: 1,018

Rate per 100,000: 289.2


Number of cases: 778

Rate per 100,000: 256

Richmond upon Thames

Number of cases: 418

Rate per 100,000: 212.3


Number of cases: 1,290

Rate per 100,000: 406.6


Number of cases: 769

Rate per 100,000: 376

Number of cases: 650

Rate per 100,000: 204.6

Waltham Forest

Number of cases: 781

Rate per 100,000: 282.3


Number of cases: 1,015

Rate per 100,000: 310.9


Number of cases: 703

Rate per 100,000: 275.3

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