Coronavirus: Clarity in an uncertain world

John Ryley, Head of Sky News

Dear readers, viewers and listeners,

These are unprecedented times.

The arrival of the coronavirus is having a profound effect on all our lives; from how we care for those we love the most, to the way we work, and how we spend time with our friends.

Understanding what is happening - and why - has never been more important.

Thank you for letting Sky News keep you well informed on the facts during these disquieting times, as we all work out what the virus means for us, our communities, and our friends and families, in the UK and abroad.

We recognise the vital role we have to play during this crisis, ensuring you are able to read, watch and listen to accurate non-stop journalism and clear analysis across all our digital, television and audio platforms.

With fewer people here in the newsroom we are operating to accommodate the changes in our working lives.

Remember we are an international news organisation that is free of charge.

We are also independent. We have no agenda - whatsoever - and will always ensure that those in power are held to account and challenged on your behalf.

Sky News has charted the spread of the coronavirus outbreak since our memorable eyewitness reporting from the city of Wuhan in China's Hubei province in January.

Our journalists have reported from around the world, and across the UK, putting people at the heart of our storytelling.

We have revealed what is happening at the epicentre of the European outbreak in Italy. It's a sobering watch.

Over the coming weeks and months we promise to work tirelessly to bring you clarity in this uncertain world.

Live news as it happens

Every day we'll bring you live coverage of the prime minister's news conference alongside the chief medical officer and the chief science officer. We'll cover daily updates from the World Health Organisation and the president of the United States, along with any other key leaders and decision makers.

What it means to you

We don't just report the news - we analyse it, too. Our specialist teams of editors will give you the context behind the headlines so you can understand why, and what it means for you and your family.

The scientific facts

Understanding the science behind the virus and how it could be treated will be crucial in the weeks ahead. You can rely on our insightful science and technology reporting to guide you.

The economic cost

These are deeply unsettling times for many people whose jobs, savings and investments are at risk. Our business journalists will offer unrivalled news and context about what it means globally, as well as locally.

Our leaders and decision makers

Sky News has a track record for interviewing the key news makers. Every day we will question their decisions, acting as a voice for you.

A global pandemic

This is a global pandemic, and our teams of correspondents around the world will continue to provide eyewitness reporting on how it's affecting people in different countries.

Facts and figures

We have a team of data journalists who are analysing the facts and figures so you can have a clear understanding of the spread of the virus.

Putting people first

But most of all, we are putting people at the heart of everything we do. We will hear how communities and families across Britain are coping, how health workers are operating and focus on the key workers in our society.

Your questions... answered

We know you have questions, and demand authoritative, accurate answers. Every day we'll listen to them and use our experts to give you the clarity you need.

Hope and optimism

Finally, we promise to remain upbeat. We'll tell stories of hope and endeavour across Britain and the rest of the world.

We are in this together.

Take care,