Coronavirus: Which countries have experienced a second wave?

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    Health officials worldwide have warned that lockdown restrictions are being lifted too soon..but those are the health officials you like to quote...the ones that don't actually have to make a decision.
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    There are two concerns. Easing up now will increase the infection rate to a greater or lesser extent. Then come the autumn/winter with the usual coughs, colds and flu the virus will still be circulating.
    Either everyone will get a dose or they will find a vaccine. It's here for quite a while yet.
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    I think that if a country supressed the first wave really hard, it's not really a second wave, they just delayed the inevitable first wave!
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    But is there a second wave? Is this not just an increase in cases due to an increase in testing?
    If this “second wave” in the number of infections goes up, will we see a "second wave" in the number of deaths too?
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    Why do people keep wearing masks with their nose uncovered ffs
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    It looks like in all the countries where there was a second wave the virus mutated into a new strain thus people had the second infection. The reality is comes winter and it will be worse again. The fact that it was found in the water in Madrid in March 2019, proves that slowly slowly it mutated now reaching these proportions. Not being close to other people is the best method: but can kids keep the distance from their mates at school or mums keep the distance from other mum to just give an example? I encounter mainly entitled people in my area who only laugh if you tell them to keep away. Apparently there is something wrong with me for trying to protect my weak immune system.
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    The TV and press are praying for a second wave, so they can perpetuate the fear and paranoia.
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    The US isn't getting a second wave, it's not even reached the peak of its first.
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    William 7
    Spain has now opened up its borders and beaches for UK tourists. which means that they are more worried about their economy than the virus and other holiday destinations in other countries will follow suit, as they realise that no matter how long they lockdown their countries ,the second they open them up again there will be another outbreak, this virus will end when it runs out of steam or everyone has been exposed to it and come through it . and as it has been said , most people who have died from CO19 were already suffering from some other form of ill health. and new out breaks are from places that are well known for aiding illegal immigrants smuggled in from every where,
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    There's no such thing as waves. A virus just does its thing, and move on, the weaker it gets. And yes. This virus IS GETTING WEAKER! Infection Rates are high, but the Lethality Rate of it is greatly weakening.