Coronavirus: Entire street sings Happy Birthday to eight-year-old girl unable to celebrate due to outbreak

Matt Mathers
Sophie cries as her neighbours sing her Happy Birthday: Twitter/@robthomas_1

This is the moment an entire street sang Happy Birthday to a little girl stuck at home during the coronavirus outbreak.

Sophia Thomas, 8, was unable to celebrate her birthday as normal following the government’s announcement last week that people should stay home.

However, Sophia parents Rob, 42, and Alison, 46, made a plan to create a special surprise for their daughter on the big day.

Mr and Mrs Thomas asked their neighbours on a joint street Facebook group if they could wish her Happy Birthday or drop a card through the front door.

But their neighbourhood went one step further when the entire street assembled outside Sophia home to sing to her on 25 March.

Filmed by Mr Thomas, the clip shows an overwhelmed Sophia being serenaded by her neighbours to the tune of the famous “Happy Birthday To You”.

Mr Thomas, from Southampton, said of the occasion: “Sophia planned to have a friends over for a cinema night for her birthday.

“However the plans were unfortunately were cancelled with everything going on.

“When you’re eight-years-old, a birthday party is the biggest thing in the world, so to have it taken away was really crushing for her.

“My wife and still wanted do something for her so we messages out neighbours.

“We asked if they could anything or maybe drop off a card at the door.

“One of our neighbours suggested they all come and sing happy birthday.

“She was incredibly overwhelmed and it meant a lot.

Mr Thomas added that like everyone else stuck at home, the family has been trying to balance work and doing activities with their daughter.

He said the video was intended to be a bit of fun and has been surprised at how it has gone viral online.

“It wasn’t intended to be something to cheer up the nation but I’m glad if it brings a smile to people’s faces during this time,” Mr Thomas added.

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