Coronavirus: Family’s lockdown adaptation of Les Misérables song goes viral

Olivia Petter
Facebook/Ben Marsh

A family in Kent has gone viral for sharing a video of themselves singing a lockdown-themed rendition of a Les Misérables song.

On Sunday, the Marsh family posted a short film of themselves on Facebook singing “One Day More”, only the lyrics had been replaced with phrases related to the restrictions enforced due to the coronavirus outbreak, such as “will we ever meet our friends?”, “I am bored of being with you” and “sunshine is a bummer when we’re stuck inside”.

The musical adaptation also features references to healthcare (“we need more respirators now”) and school closures (“our exams have all been pulled”).

The video, posted by Ben Marsh, has been viewed more than 3.5m times and follows a series of musical renditions performed by the family for various occasions such as Christmas Eve and Mother’s Day.

Speaking to Kent Online, Mr Marsh explained that their version of “One Day More” was inspired by all of the things people have been complaining about “like not being able to work or play football”.

Neither Mr Marsh, his wife, Danielle, nor their three children have a musical background.

Mr Marsh explained that his family have been taken aback by how well their video has been received.

“We have received some really lovely comments and we have been working to respond to the comments because we think it is really important – but it may get impossible” he said.

“There have been messages from people who are self-isolating, or even people with cancer on hospital wards, saying it has made them smile or cry.

“We really weren’t expecting it and we are really touched by the way it has resonated with people.”

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