Tory MP says Boris Johnson's cabinet has 'forgotten' women during easing of lockdown

James Morris
Senior news reporter, Yahoo News UK
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    I think-i am
    "Caroline Nokes, chair of the Commons women and equalities committee"

    Perhaps she should ask herself..... who is my counterpart in the commons supporting men and male rights and equalities?....... Is there a minister for men, as there is a gender specific minister for women? Can men bring up questions regarding their inequalities, perceptions and problems on a specific day in parliament, in the same way women can on "woman's day'.........

    Then reconsider, which gender is hard done by? Ignored?

    If this is the level of her concern, we can only hope she never becomes the PM at any time.
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    From article website: know I get criticised for being obsessed about women – it goes hand in hand with the job description – EQUALITY.
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    This is the same woman who once boasted that she was too attractive to be a politician and who also spent much of her early years as an MP cavorting in hotel rooms with her toyboy when she should have been working. Forgive me if I don't hold her up as an icon of feminism...
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    I've spoken to lots of men and women about government policy on the lockdown,none of them mentioned the idea that there was any gender bias,Perhaps she's trying to justify her position
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    She questioned if the government “just assumed that women will be happy to stay home and do the childcare ..... When Mums stayed home instead of working Kids were better educated, more well mannered, better fed. In addition families could afford to buy a house on 1 wage.Now they struggle to do so with 2 wages coming in. Add to that the extra years women now have to work before they get their pension and you may well think ..... Womens Lib has a lot to answer for.
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    Scottish girl
    I'd rather have a date for when my family can come and visit without having to stay in the garden and sit 2 metres away. Nail bars and pilates don't seem very important in the scheme of things.
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    Mary H
    I am a woman and am very happy to stay home and do the chores and childminding. Caroline Nokes speaks a load of tosh at the best of times, and has NO RIGHT to speak on behalf of real women!
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    If her priorities are getting her nails done professionally rather than making the effort to file them herself, she has no business representing anyone in parliament.
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    Talk about reinforcing gender stereotypes! I'm sure she is perfectly capable of cutting her own nails and doing a pilates class from home.
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    Wow! She has a very outdating opinion of women doesn't she? We don't all base our priorities on getting our nails done and spending time in a pilates studio. And she is representing the equalities committee!