Coronavirus: Map reveals which parts of Leicestershire are affected by UK's first localised lockdown

Isobel Frodsham, news reporter
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    Off we go.
    If it is lock down within the red line then surely you need to make sure people do not travel out of it to do their shopping etc . So what real measures have the police and local authority put into place .
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    La longcarabine
    I suspect that at the end of the day, the main reason Black and Asians are statistically at greater risk of contracting the Covid-19 virus will prove to have little to do with a genetic and ethnic disposition to the virus, and be much more to do with living conditions and their willingness to observe the rules. Note their propensity for large gatherings and street parties in south London. Leicester has a majority asian population. Just as an aside, on racial prejudice and to show it is a two way process. Some years ago, a football fan friend of mine went to watch the local team in a cup match in London. He and a group of friends hired a mini bus for the trip. On the return journey, they decided to break the journey back north, and pulled into a pub carpark in Leicester, The pub was full of asians and they were immediately approached by a group of them. "Are you racially prejudiced?" asked one. "No!" he replied. "Well we are, so!" came back the reply. Nuf' said!
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    think the council jumped on the BLM /BAME bandwagon to sound good and this lock down came as a shock to the council !
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    They had a large rally about 2 to 3 weeks through the centre with loads of people not wearing masks at all , thought you wait in 2 to 3 weeks corona virus numbers will rise . agreed with the aim of the march but so so bad timing .
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    Play third world games win third world prizes.
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    I wonder how many mosques there are in that area - It was mentioned on Sky News last night that one of the causes for the rise in infections is people meeting at "Places of Faith" - all of the churches are closed -so we don't need to ask which Faith they could mean
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    Peter M
    It's going to be a long road ahead.
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    I live just to the left of the red line. This area of Leicester is predominantly white, with a lot of older generation English people.....very little immigration.
    Not much of a surprise that this area didn’t need to be included in the lockdown -for now anyway
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    You just cannot educate them, so used to just walking in and out of each others tents and eating with their fingers, it was bound to happen.
    Perhaps if you segregate the goats from the people and put up some stand pipes it might help, but, alas, I think the tribal leaders will reject any suggestions of change.
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    Is it still called Leicester?

    I thought it had been renamed Lestar Pradesh.