Coronavirus news – live: Infections surge across US as Britain plans ‘war against obesity’ to prepare for second wave

Chiara Giordano, Zoe Tidman
Downing Street

The UK government is set to launch a “war against obesity‘ ahead of a potential second wave of coronavirus.

Studies have shown that Covid-19 disproportionately affects overweight people, and Boris Johnson has reportedly blamed the severity of his coronavirus symptoms on his weight.

Meanwhile, the British PM has said people should “go back to work if they can”, although a Downing Street spokesperson later said official guidance – which says people should work from home if they can – has not changed.

The spokesperson said Mr Johnson was “trying to encourage people who do want to go back to work to speak to their employers and see how that can be facilitated if it is safe to do so.”

In the US, coronavirus deaths have risen again, after reported daily infections broke records several times in recent days.

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