Coronavirus positive: Good news round-up - doctor bonds with family, cat in homemade isolation room

Thom Gibbs
Jan Claire Dorado bonds with her cat through window in isolation room - REUTERS

To the Philippines, where a wise doctor has managed to carry on her crucial work in a hospital, protect her family, and stay in touch with her cat.

Dr Jan Claire Dorado wanted to move out of her family house when Covid-19 began to take hold, in an attempt to make sure her relatives weren't at risk of infection.

Her parent's weren't having it, so have constructed an isolation area for her in a storage room in her house.

It's insulated with what looks like quite a lot of tinfoil.

Crucially, it comes equipped with a window so Dr Dorado is able to see her family. We're sensing a fair amount of mutual suspicion in this photo of Dr Dorado and Mum:

Jan Claire Dorado looks at her mother through window - REUTERS

"The hardest part is being away from them. I miss them a lot," said Dorado,  "My family thought about asking me to resign, but anywhere I go I would still have to face Covid." she said.

On the upside... a cat!

Jan Claire Dorado presses cats nose through window - REUTERS

Elsewhere, some good news so good that it seems a little too good. Nevertheless - alcohol is good for you! Low to moderate consumption, a couple of glasses most days, may help to avoid dementia in later life according to a new study. Have at it! In moderation, of course.

Restaurants around the country will open again this Saturday, 4 July. We have a guide here to our favourites, and here's a heartwarming tale from Katie Morley's consumer champion column on a Specsavers employee treating a reader's deaf Dad like a VIP.

Here’s Harriet with the rest of today’s good news:

  • One of Britain’s oldest residents is now recovering from Covid-19 and looking “better than before”. Mary Catterall, who celebrated her 102nd birthday at the end of February, tested positive for coronavirus in May and was feared to not survive. Five weeks later her family has said she is on the mend.

  • The National Gallery will reopen its doors after 111 days of closure on July 8. All visits will need to be booked in advance and new rules, such as guided art routes, will be in place. National Gallery director Gabriele Finaldi said: "We are the same Gallery you know and love, just with added social distancing and one-way art routes." The Tate has also planned to reopen its four galleries later in July.

  • Teachers are finding inventive ways to ensure social distancing at their schools – one Holly Haime, in Cardiff, has moved her year 5 class in a teepee style tent:

Teacher Holly Haime teaches year five pupils arts and crafts as they make paper aeroplanes inside a teepee style tent at Llanishen Fach Primary School in Cardiff - PA
  • The London Symphony Chorus has honoured health and care workers who have died from coronavirus by performing the song Never to Forget. The names of the first 122 workers reported to have died are featured on the video.

  • The musical Six, about Henry VIII’s wives, will resume performances from September at drive-in concerts. The sell-out show will be performed at 12 venues from London to Teesside, with 300 vehicles allowed per show.

By Harriet Barber 


Three pleasant things to put into your head 


Here's a coastguard going above and beyond usual coastguarding duties and freeing a trapped whale from a fishing net:


A Gray egret hanging out, near Sacalin island, Romania, in the Danube Delta:

A Gray egret sits on a snag in a channel leading to Sacalin island in the Danube Delta - AFP


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