Coronavirus press conference live: Government updates UK on Covid-19 pandemic

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    Something about this virus and the measures taken doesn't make sense. I'm worried about the future control of people.
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    Interesting. I wasn't sure how he was defining 'turn the tide' so was pleased when he was asked. But he didn't seem to know either
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    Not sure about London, I live in South Wales and see people ignoring the advice all the time. Blatently, Neighbour has carried on having family who don't live with them around, people walking around in groups obviously not from the same house. They know no one is checking streets and homes and there's little hope that they will self regulate.All very well relying on community spirit when some don't play the game. Only as strong as our weakest links, and there are, sadly, many of them. That makes others very cynical about the chances of the effort some of us are making having an effect.
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    Look forward to Friday when the lock down will be sorely tested by the “nation of peace”
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    Why didn't government stop panic buying by restricting number of food items per person?
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    If Elton John, David Furnish, Simon Cowell and Daniel Craig are serious, they could start now by helping out paying for ventilators and more hospital beds for Coronavirus patients, i'm sure 100million would pay for alot of hospital beds and ventilators. Maybe they could even help families with funeral costs for the victims of Coronavirus. Think outside of the box instead of just leaving it to a random charity. Do something that would directly help an ordinary person.
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    So self employed can't get get anything till June, thats not very useful or helpful, you also need 3 years accounts so no help at all for those
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    How many government ministers have nipped out to visit their second homes this weekend?
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    Why no help at supermarkets? We need restrictions. .goods monitoring and possibly doormen
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    I think they should restrict how many people go into a shop at a time. Just think about others and think about the staff.