Coronavirus: UK ‘failed to listen to warnings’ and 'wasted February', says editor of top health journal

Andy Wells
Freelance Writer
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    When action was taken it resulted in thousands treating it like a Bank Holiday .. Unless the public have it spelt out in words of one syllable many still insist on doing their own thing...It is all about me and what I want seems to be the cry..
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    The government couldn't win. If they had put the measures in place in February, and no cases reached the UK, they would be torn to shreds for damaging the economy for no reason.
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    And where are supermarket workers on that 3.5 million test kits list
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    Don't you think it would be better for staff to change clothes before they leave the hospital or nursing homes? They have to travel home, maybe shopping and seem to still be wearing what they wore on the wards. Or am I wrong?
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    Cant imagine that tests will be distributed for free by Boots and never in a million years by Amazon !
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    Yes I agree that we wasted a whole month, but Lockdown is one heck of a huge decision to have to make. For me, stopping incoming aircraft would have been my first move, and that still has not been achieved, as an island race we were in a perfect place to have contained the virus, so why didn't we ?
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    Dr Horton is correct, the government were too concerned with the economy and money. A "few" deaths in search of herd immunity was a price worth paying so long as it was not them. The messages were writ large before our fist case on 31 January. They allowed free access of infected persons both foreigners and Brits and then played catch up after they exhibited clear signs and illness from the virus. Guess what the viral infection spread, quelle surprise! The only weapon we had was prevention. Herd immunity was a joke you do not do that deliberately with a deadly virus you do that with vaccines as we live in the 21st century not the middle ages.
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    I honestly think it has been a bit of a shambles to be honest, listening to Boris at the the start who was looking left and right at his experts to give him advice during the initial press conference and then in the next days talking about deaths and herd immunity, to now having done a 100% turn around to doing testing and self isolating, all because the rest of the world looked on in disbelief at the lax approach of the UK, instead of looking at other previously affected countries while using them as a model of what was going to happen us.
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    He can only listen to expert advice,now if one expert disagrees with another expert then another expert will come along and say something else different.
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    The governments all of them cared more about the economy’ than the people and that’s the truth. This perfect little storm will allow governments and The Banks to own just about every business. People who were on a fairly good wage are now on benefits or working in supermarkets. In the U.K. and many other nations they won’t test every one for the virus because they know that the markets will crash. They are refusing urgent care to the elderly and saying there isn’t enough equipment for everyone so the young take priority. Why? Because the younger ones are years away from collecting their pensions. What we are witnessing my friends is a cull and you know it