Coronavirus: Tesco 'queue jumper' who 'screamed at customers' tackled to ground by police

A man accused of jumping the queue outside a Tesco during coronavirus restrictions was tackled to the ground by police and arrested.

The man’s arrest was caught on camera outside the supermarket on Barton Road, Middleton, Greater Manchester, on Sunday.

Police were called to the store after reports of someone “behaving aggressively” by “screaming” at customers and staff.

A 21-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of theft in connection with an earlier incident at a nearby Co-op supermarket.

Police hold down the suspect outside a Tesco store in Greater Manchester on Sunday (Reach)

After he was in custody, police further arrested him on suspicion of possession of class A and B drugs, the Manchester Evening News reported.

Tesco shoppers said the man raised his voice after trying to jump the queue while customers observed social distancing measures.

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Under the government’s “stay at home” restrictions, people should only go outside for food, health reasons, one form of exercise, or work (but only if they cannot work from home).

Foreign secretary Dominic Raab rejected calls to publish the government’s lockdown exit strategy as the UK death toll in hospitals from COVID-19 passed the 20,000 mark at the weekend.

Witness Robert Comnoiu 23, said: “We had just finished our weekly shop. Then we heard screaming.

"This man came running from the store and knocked my girlfriend over as he pushed her trying to run away.

"A security guard tried to get hold him, but he was getting away. A second guard then came and they got him on the ground.

"They let him stand up, but then he started being aggressive again and they kept him on the ground until the police came. My girlfriend was shocked, but not hurt.

"I think he had tried to get into the shop without queueing like everyone else."

Greater Manchester Police said: "Shortly before 1.25pm today, police were called to reports of a man behaving aggressively towards customers and staff at Tesco on Barton Road, Middleton.

"Officers attended and a 21-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of theft in connection with an earlier incident at the Co-op on Middleton Road.

"Once in custody, the man was further arrested for possession of Class A and Class B drugs. He has been taken to hospital for treatment. There are no reported injuries."

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