Corrections and clarifications

Corrections and clarifications column editor

• A headline (UK growers to plant 1m grapevines as climate changes in favour of British wine, 18 April, page 3) went astray in referring to “British wine”. To clarify: as the English Wine Producers trade body points out on its website, “English or Welsh Wine is made from fresh grapes grown here in England (or Wales) and produced in UK wineries … British Wine is the product of imported grapes or grape concentrate that is made into wine in Britain … ‘British’ wines are not wines as defined by the EU, which specifies that wine can only be the product of fermented freshly crushed grapes.”

• Leptosperin is one of the chemical compounds in manuka honey, but it is not the active component as we suggested (Manuka honey formula agreed to thwart fakes, 13 April, page 19). The active compound is methylglyoxal.