Corrections and clarifications

Corrections and clarifications column editor

• Two of the T-shirts mentioned in and pictured with a feature (Cooper Black: this year’s most fashionable font, 10 April, page 2, G2) did not use the Cooper Black typeface as we claimed: one from the French retailer Sézane with the words “la femme” on it, and the “Eh Oui” T-shirt from Whistles.

• Science, technology, engineering and maths are referred to collectively by the abbreviation Stem, not science, technology, English and maths (Technology is a marvel. Now let’s make it moral, 10 April, page 23).

• Tim Pigott-Smith’s early performance in Much Ado About Nothing, mentioned in our obituary of the actor (10 April, page 33), was with the Prospect touring company, not the Bristol Old Vic.

• The stage designer Peter Farmer was born on 3 November 1936, five years earlier than we suggested in our obituary (6 April, page 35).

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