Corrections and clarifications

Corrections and clarifications column editor

• An article about Tate asking workers to donate funds for a gift of a boat for its departing director said many of the gallery’s staff are not paid the London living wage, including those employed by the agency Securitas. All staff employed by Tate and Securitas are paid the London living wage, but a small number of other agency staff are not. It also said the number of assaults on staff had risen recently; this reference was to verbal assaults (Tate staff angry at appeal for Serota’s leaving gift, 28 April, page 11).

• In a letter about the art patrons Sunday and John Reed being hoodwinked into publishing hoax poetry, an editing error led to the following claim: “John Reed’s defence was that ‘It is certainly something new that good poetry is created out of deliberate roguery.’” He actually described it as boguery (The Nolan heights, 22 April, page 13, Review).