Corrections and clarifications

Corrections and clarifications column editor

• Last week Sheila Abdus-Salaam was widely reported to have been the US’s first female Muslim judge, including on our pages (First female Muslim judge in US found dead, 14 April, page 25). As we now understand it, she was not Muslim; her surname came from her first husband. Abdus-Salaam became the first black woman appointed to New York state’s court of appeals in 2013.

• Homophone corner (Notebook, 14 April, page 37): “Riding for a fall. Summer-like weather in New York meant all the kids were suddenly on bikes … the park was alive with the sound of a million small dramas. ‘Dylan, break. Break. Break. BREEEEAAAK!’”

• Tautology corner: a Shortcuts item (The tricks that hide post-Brexit price hikes, 13 April, page 2, G2) referred to “smoked kippers”. As one reader pointed out: “By definition a genuine kipper is smoked: if it isn’t smoked, it cannot be a kipper.”