Corrections and clarifications

Corrections and clarifications column editor

• A piece on the Opinion pages (A party we can trust on the economy? It’s not the Tories, 28 April, page 36) said incorrectly that four out of five personal independence payment assessment rejections are overturned on appeal. To clarify: one charity reported that four out of five rejections that they appealed against were overturned. The article also said that the bill for temporary accommodation for homeless families had risen by 43% annually under Conservative leadership; that is the percentage rise over five years.

• Alongside our article about wax portrait heads of Admiral Lord Nelson and William Pitt the Younger being examined with a computerised tomography (CT) scanner, we published a photograph captioned as being of Pitt the Younger. It was actually of his father, William Pitt the Elder (Staff wax lyrical after Nelson and Pitt go in for a scan, 3 May, page 12).

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