Corrections and clarifications

Corrections and clarifications column editor

• The ancient Roman site in Palmyra, Syria, where Islamic State staged public killings, is a theatre, not an amphitheatre as we said in a report (Return to Palmyra: Syrians count the cost to ancient city of a second Isis occupation, 10 March, page 17). The classicist Mary Beard explains in her blog that a Roman amphitheatre has seats going all the way round in an oval; a theatre has seats more or less in a semicircle.

• Janet Blackman went to Guildford county school (then a state grammar, now a comprehensive), not Guildford high school (a private, fee-paying establishment) as we had it in our obituary of her (Other lives, 1 March, page 31).

• We again confused the words silicon (a brittle metalloid element used in electronics) and silicone (a synthetic rubber-like material) when we referred to a “silicon mask” worn by the artist Gillian Wearing (Hiding in plain sight, 8 March, page 18, G2).

• Homophone corner: “Romeo chokes and wretches on the apothecary’s draught” (Reviews, 14 March, page 32).