Corrections and clarifications

Corrections and clarifications column editor

• An article in today’s Review section (Point of view, page 12) suggests that the European Union referendum result was declared “shortly after midnight on 24 July, 2016”. The referendum took place a month earlier than that, on 23 June; it was in the early hours of 24 June that it became clear that the leave side had won.

• An obituary for June Dixon-Millar appeared with the wrong byline in last Saturday’s paper (Other lives, page 37). The writer was her husband, Chris Millar. Apologies.

• The wrong details were given for one of the properties in the Snooping around column (Homes with an income, 18 February, page 65, Weekend). The property in St Breock, Cornwall, is on the market for £895,000 with SBC Property, Truro.

• We described Ken Collins as “senior research fellow at the UK’s National Oceanography Centre in Southampton”. To clarify: while Dr Collins is based at the National Oceanography Centre Southampton building, he works for the University of Southampton, not for the NOC (Top surfers call for Réunion shark cull as casualties mount, 25 February, page 21).

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