Corrections and clarifications

Corrections and clarifications column editor

• This fine piece of reporting (Ten days that will shake Britain: Life after Queen Elizabeth II, 16 March, page 29) reflects the significance of detail. In the same spirit, and as readers have pointed out:

- Three of the Queen’s last four prime ministers, not the last three, were born after her accession – Blair, Cameron and May.

- The Star of Africa on the royal sceptre is not the largest diamond in the world but the second-largest cut diamond, behind the Golden Jubilee.

- And the word “son’s” was missing from: “In 1910, the mourners for Edward VII were led by his fox terrier, Caesar. His son’s coffin was followed to Wolferton station, at Sandringham, by Jock, a white shooting pony.”

• Of course, we are all fallible, including readers. A letter about the National Citizen Service said it had £1.26m in funding; its budget is £1.26bn (Winning the schools and youth lottery, 16 March, page 34). A second letter (Vauxhall deal could hit UK steel industry, 14 March, page 30) said the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia held shares in both Salzgitter steelworks and Volkswagen; the state in question is Lower Saxony.