Corrections and clarifications

• In an interview with Fenella Fielding, we said the actor was born with the last name Felding. Feldman, that should have said (‘I thought I was finished, darling!’, 9 November, page 14, G2).

• A letter in Thursday’s paper (Foster carers need extra free childcare too, 9 November, page 44) included John Simmonds, director of policy, research and development at CoramBAAF, as one of the signatories, but said that he was from the charity Coram Voice. The full list of signatories, available online, includes the managing director of Coram Voice, Brigid Robinson.

• Another letter on the same page in Thursday’s paper (A hundred years after the Russian revolution we are in Paradise) misspelled the Latin phrase cui bono (which means for whose benefit?) as qui bono.

• Other recently corrected articles include:

Big Issue seller always with ‘book on the go’ wins place at Cambridge

US special forces ‘fought Niger ambush alone after local troops fled’