Corrections issued to MP's claim on 'cycle lane' repairs

Councillors correct MP's claim on “cycle lane” repairs (Photo: Maria Caulfield)
Councillors correct MP's claim on “cycle lane” repairs (Photo: Maria Caulfield)

East Sussex Highways said in a statement: “We've received a number of enquiries regarding works scheduled on the A259 cycle route from Newhaven to Peacehaven. The planned works are to address areas of overgrown vegetation and repair a section of damaged footway. These works are planned to be completed by the 5 October.”

Caulfield claimed that the repairs would mean that cyclists will have a safer route along the portion of the A259, as they will no longer need to cycle along the main road. She added that the repairs to the ‘cycle lane’ will make travelling along the A259 safer for car users too.

Newhaven Councillor Lesley Boniface clarified that the repairs apply only to a section of the footway. She said: “With James MacCleary I've asked continually for this section to be designated as a shared path or cycle path but have been told it's not possible by East Sussex County Council. In the meantime we welcome the clearance of vegetation to make it safer for pedestrians."

Caulfield previously said: “For too long we have had a cycle lane in Newhaven that no one has been able to use for years. The surface is damaged and is not currently safe for cyclists and so many people use the road instead which can cause slow and dangerous traffic or do not bother to cycle at all.”

An East Sussex Highways spokesperson said: “Following a recent inspection by the local Highway Steward a small repair has been arranged for an uneven section of the cycleway and some vegetation will be cut back.

“Residents can find out how and when we repair cycleways and footpaths and report any problems to us directly via our website at”

Caulfield commented: “I am working with the County Council on improving bus and cycle access and am pleased they have agreed to repair this cycle lane in Newhaven so it can be used once again.

“Local Newhaven councillors have had years to sort this out and haven’t and I am pleased to get this addressed for residents as well as the plans for new bus shelters for the town.”