Corrie: Who are Gail and Audrey's dead husbands again?

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It all gets a bit creepy in Coronation Street this week when Audrey's new client Rosemary claims she's not only been in contact with the hairdresser's late husband Alf, but also one of Gail's many dead spouses. Well, there are enough of them to choose from.

Gail is convinced her mum is being taken for a ride by the crazy clairvoyant – it wouldn't be the first time Aud has fallen for a con artist now, would it? But intrigued Audrey books an appointment with Rosemary to discover more about the messages she's getting from beyond the grave.

While Audrey has only been hitched once in her life, despite being pursued by many red-blooded members of the opposite sex, Gail might as well be renamed the black widow with the amount of husbands she's had die on her. But who were all these unfortunate souls? It's time to revisit five ghosts of Weatherfield past...

1. Brian Tilsley (Gail's first husband)

Gail met first husband Brian when they were little more than kids themselves, and the young lovers quickly fell head over heels, marrying in 1979. Baby Nick followed the year after, and for a while it was all happy families. That was until the couple contracted a serious case of the seven-year itch, leading Brian to start bedding other women, and Gail to stray with his cousin Ian Latimer.

When Gail fell preggers with Sarah Lou, it led to a classic 'Who's the daddy?' storyline, but as it turned out, the baby was Brian's and the pair got back together.

Unfortunately, it wasn't second time lucky – and in February 1989, Gail told her hubs their marriage was finito. They never actually made it to the divorce courts because that same night, Brian was fatally stabbed outside a nightclub after trying to save a woman from a group of thugs.

2. Alf Roberts (Audrey's only husband)

Alfred Roberts OBE was a true gent – a councillor and Mayor of Weatherfield, long-standing owner of the corner shop, and a friend to everyone. Before becoming Mrs Roberts, single mum Audrey had spent her younger years jumping from one unsuitable fling to the next, but finally struck it lucky with dependable Alf, who was a widower twice over when they wed in 1985.

The social climbing snipper enjoyed all the luxury perks that Alf's job could offer, but was often frustrated by her other half's reluctance to spend his hard-earned cash – so Audrey just did it for him, and bullied Alf into buying them a posh semi on Grasmere Drive!

Other than a few disagreements over pennies and pounds, the couple were blissfully happy, and Audrey's world came crashing down when Alf sadly passed away in his sleep during a house party at the Platts' on New Year's Day 1999.

3. Richard Hillman (Gail's third husband)

Miraculously, Gail's second husband Martin (and David's dad) is still alive – and coming back to the cobbles this fortnight (eek!) – so we'll skip straight to number three. Also known as "Norman Bates with a briefcase", what can we say about Richard Hillman? The smooth-talking financial advisor swept Gail off her feet when he arrived on the cobbles in 2001, and they said "I do" the next year.

But while Gail thought she'd found the man of her dreams, the nightmare was only just beginning. Behind the scenes, evil Richard was racking up quite a body count – having ruthlessly disposed of his business partner Duggie Ferguson, and ex-wife Patricia.

He tried (and failed) to bump off Audrey and Emily Bishop – leading Maxine Peacock to become his third and final victim. When Gail discovered his crimes, Richard tried to kill her and her kids by ploughing their car into Weatherfield canal. They lived to tell the terrifying tale, but Richard met a watery end.

4. Joe McIntyre (Gail's fourth husband)

What is it with Gail's blokes finishing up with the fishes? Tina's dad Joe became husband number four in January 2010, but their marriage was Gail's shortest to date. Crippled by debt and with bailiffs breathing down his neck, Joe had decided the only way out was to fake his own death and claim the insurance money whilst holidaying on a boat with Gail in the Lake District.

But the plan went disastrously wrong when unlucky Joe was knocked from the boat whilst attempting to stage his disappearance, and actually drowned for real. Whoops!

Gail got a massive shock when the police came calling to say they'd found her husband's body, and subsequently found herself slung in prison accused of murder.

After a memorable stint behind bars with Tracy Barlow as her cellmate (we're sure she's not going to forget that in a hurry), Gail was found not guilty. You'd think the whole experience would be enough to put her off walking down the aisle again. Oh no...

5. Michael Rodwell (Gail's fifth husband)

The fifth and most recent fella who vowed to stay with Gail until death do them part was ex-jailbird Michael Rodwell. Everything was pointing to the union being doomed from the second Michael slipped that ring onto Gail's finger in 2015, especially because the bride had forgotten to mention to her hubby that the man pretending to be his long lost son wasn't actually him at all!

When the truth about Gavin/Andy did out, predictably Michael dumped Gail, before slipping between the sheets of her sworn enemy Eileen Grimshaw.

In 2016, Michael and Gail reconciled for all of ten seconds, before Mr R succumbed to a heart attack whilst trying to spy on Phelan at the building yard. True, Pat could have saved Michael if he'd had wanted to, but given Gail's track record, we doubt they'd still be together now anyway.

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