Corrie Spoiler: Aidan Betrays Eva And You’ll Never Guess Who With

Since Shayne Ward landed in Coronation Street a year ago as Aidan Connor, we knew he was trouble - as Taylor Swift might say.



And guess what? We were totally right.

Because, in the not-too-distant-future, Aidan has a little fling with - drumroll -Maria. Gasp!

It’s only a one night thing, the result of too much booze and an overbearing Eva.

Aidan immediately regrets the fling, but it seems Maria isn’t quite so remorseful.

Producer, Kate Oates, revealed at a recent press event that the love triangle was going to get very messy indeed.



She said: “Aidan regrets it but Maria doesn’t so much. She decides that if things were different, Aidan would be someone she was interested in, which is slightly inconvenient for poor Luke, who I think is the most tolerant man in Weatherfield.

“So Maria does the decent thing and ends it with him but this terrifies poor Aidan who is worried she might now come after him. He worries that he has slept with a crazy lady. Maria finds that mildly insulting, so what we see is a wedge there between her and Aidan.”


Kate added: ���Eva is blissfully unaware but what we are going to see is her and Aidan’s relationship go from something that was very passionate to him completely removing himself from her.



“There is a dilemma in Maria’s life and that comes in the form of Caz. She is complicated and she brings those complications to Maria’s life. For me, that story is about testing Maria and putting her at jeopardy, but it is actually a chapter in this long-running storyline we are going to see between Aidan, Maria and Eva.”