Cosmonaut Captures Lunar Eclipse From International Space Station

A cosmonaut at the International Space Station (ISS) captured a stunning timelapse of the partial lunar eclipse on November 19.

NASA said eclipses occur when the Sun, Earth, and Moon align, with the Moon passing into Earth’s shadow. During the November 19 “almost total” eclipse, up to 99.1% of the Moon’s disc was within the shadow of the Earth.

The Moon may appear to turn red ,as the only sunlight reaching the Moon will have passed through Earth’s atmosphere. The phenomenon ​is often called a Blood Moon or a Beaver Moon.

The event lasted more than three hours and 28 minutes. NASA reported that there hasn’t been a longer partial lunar eclipse since 1440, and there won’t be a longer one until 2669.

This timelapse video taken by Russian cosmonaut Pyotr Dubrov aboard the ISS shows the eclipse. Credit: Pyotr Dubrov/Roscosmos Media via Storyful

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