Cosmopolitan cats have clocked up 140,000 miles travelling across Europe

Most cats don’t venture much further than their local neighbourhood but marauding moggy McVitie has been across Europe - covering 100,000 miles on holidays with his owners.

McVitie was rescued by pet-lover Sue Crook, 51, after she heard his distressed cries on a holiday camp in Spain eight years ago.

She and partner Dick Garrard, 67, nursed him back to health and since then they reckon McVitie, whose nickname is Mack, has travelled 100,000 miles across Europe with them on his Spanish passport.

And in 2013 the couple, who work as holiday couriers for Eurocamp, picked up another abandoned kitten Millie while on holiday in Italy.

She’s not quite as well travelled as McVitie but has clocked up 40,000 miles using her Italian passport.

Rescued - McVitie was rescued by Sue and Dick eight years ago (Pictures: SWNS)

Sue, who is originally from Hove, East Sussex, said: “We found McVitie on the 11th of November eight years ago, and that’s where it all began.

"He has been moved around constantly for the last eight years. He has been to Spain, Portugal, Italy, Holland, France, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Wales and more.”

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She said: "Three years ago we picked up Millie in Italy and she started coming around with us too.

"People seem to think it’s quite unusual. They are certainly the most well-travelled cats I know - I don’t know anybody else who has cats that do this. I think they are more well-travelled than most people.”

Foodies - the cats sample the local cuisine wherever they go

Wherever they go McVitie and Millie, which are both domestic, short-haired cats, sample the local cuisine.

According to Sue McVitie’s favourite place is Torrox, Spain, where he was found, while Millie’s is Bolsena in Italy - her hometown.

Favourite destinations - each moggy has their own favourite place

Sue added: “They’ve both got European passports so they’re allowed to travel but I think Brexit could well have an impact on that.

"But as long as we keep on travelling they will come with us, and we don’t plan to hang up our boots just yet.”