Mind if I hop on? Cheeky tree frog jumps on to back of 'Hercules' beetle for trip through Costa Rican jungle

A cute frog hitches a ride on a black beetle (CATERS)

It shouldn't really be like this, save maybe in children's stories. But this is the moment a tree frog chanced his luck and hopped onto the back of a rather vicious-looking beetle.

The sharp-horned Hercules beetle looks like he could kill the tiny frog in an instant- but luckily for the green amphibian the insect was asleep.

Although the two creature look enormous the tiny Costa Rican tree frog and beetle together measure just over the length of an adult human hand.

Wildlife photographer Nic Resuens managed to get a close-up of the remarkable moment close to the El Arenal volcano in the Central American country.

Hercules beetles are so-called because of their ability to carry 850 times their body weight - the equivalent of a human carrying around 65 tonnes.

He said: "The Agalychnis Callidryas is one of the most photographed frogs in the world due to their amazing coloration and patterns, and represents like no one else the image of Costa Rica."

He focused first on the frog which jumped from branch to branch before it settled on the sleeping beetle.

"The beetle was sleeping so we decided the risk to the frog was minimal...and I started shooting."

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