Costco Is Your Best Bet When It Comes To Buying Butter

Costco's Kirkland Grass-Fed Butter
Costco's Kirkland Grass-Fed Butter - oranv / 'X' formerly known as Twitter

It's no wonder why everybody loves butter. The sweet flavor and creamy texture of butter makes it a delicious item for a number of uses. You can use butter for baking scrumptious cookies, cakes, cobblers, and candies. It's a great ingredient to mix into soups and sauces to give them a nice sheen and a more savory taste. When butter is spread on your favorite pastries before baking them in the oven, the butter gives the pastries a delightful crumbly texture and sweet flavor. You can even drop a cube of butter on a freshly hot steak to give it an appetizing presentation and another layer of amazing flavor.

If all these reminders of the versatility and tastiness of butter has you wanting to head out to buy your favorite stick of butter, then go to Costco to get the best bang for your buck. There are certain butter brands that you should buy, but Costco is currently selling generic salted butter for $0.19 per ounce, and when compared to the prices of generic salted butter at other major retailers, Costco is the most affordable option.

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Other Stores Can't Beat The Price Of Butter At Costco

Costco's New Zealand Butter
Costco's New Zealand Butter - FayMary3 / 'X' formerly known as Twitter

The listed prices of generic salter butter at other major stores make Costco the best choice. Food Lion, Publix, Target, Trader Joe's, and Walmart are all selling generic salted butter at $0.25 per ounce. Whole Foods Market is selling generic salter butter at $0.27 per ounce and Kroger lists their generic salted butter at $0.26 per ounce. Winn-Dixie and SE Grocers are selling generic salted butter at $0.37 per ounce.

Although BJ's Wholesale Club is selling generic salted butter at $0.23 per ounce, and Sam's Club is selling generic salted butter at $0.21 per ounce, Costco is still the cheapest option of all these major retailers at $0.19 per ounce. Now, if you're ready to head over to Costco to get you some butter for a great price, make sure you know Costco shopping tips and tricks for the best deals so you can enjoy even more savings during your Costco run. If you're wondering which of Costco's butter products you should actually buy, thankfully, Costco shoppers have shared their recommendations via social media.

Costco Customers Say To Buy These Butter Products

Costco's Kerrygold Butter
Costco's Kerrygold Butter - BowTiedFairyy / 'X' formerly known as Twitter

In a Reddit thread titled "Which butter do yall buy at Costco?," Redditors shared the best Costco butter products that met their cooking needs. One user shared a tip for one of the best Costco butters to use for baking and spreading. FeistyAgency9994 shared, "I still use Kirkland butter for any baking but if it's butter going on bread or muffins etc. it's the Kerrygold." Another user commented on the best Costco butter you might want to use for making a delicious topping on a dessert. Costco customer arabrab12 said, "If it's making say, a butter cream frosting I will opt for Organic Valley cultured unsalted."

If you're looking for the best butter to top off a hot steak, user casey703 said to use "the black truffle butter they carry during the holidays." For a healthier butter option, you can also buy Kirkland Signature's grass-fed Costco butter that's sending shockwaves through TikTok. It's packed with Vitamin A and conjugated linoleic acid, which can boost your immune system and help sustain your cardiovascular health. No matter which great Costco butter you choose to buy, it'll be worth its unbeatable price.

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