Could we build a Blade Runner-style 'replicant'?

Fumiya Iida, Lecturer in mechatronics, University of Cambridge
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    The words she is grasping for to describe the technology she is hopping to create are 'selective breeding' followed by 'cloning', you know, Like Monsanto does with plants. Someone needs to check her s3cret 'Robotics' lab for body parts or children in cages.
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    Short Version: The correct verb here isn't "build", but rather "grow".

    Any real-life replicant is going to be MUCH more "synthetic life-form" than it is "plastic robot". Meaning you take transgenic human-like cells, start from those, and as you assemble a zygote (pre-embryonic egg cell) you attach self-repairing and self-replicating nano-scale chips TO EACH CELL, to govern the function of each cell.

    So the biology says "life-form" but the overall package, down to the last controlled cell, says "cyborg" if not "android".
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    Many people believe that Grey Aliens exist and some believe that they are biological robots for similar logical reasons to the creation of replicants in Blade Runner.
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    No, we can't get anywhere close to this. For one, we can't come close to matching the human brains power with our current computers. Even super computers that take up large basements can't handle the human brains processing right now, so there is no way it's fitting in a robots head. It took one of the largest super computers in the world almost an hour to get .1 seconds of human brain processing. AI isn't close to actually happening yet.

    As for building a body, you wouldn't need to worry about sensors and such if you just grow nerves, like we have. They can already grow body parts in the lab. Just extend that to the entire body, which yes, I realize we probably aren't able to do yet.
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    From what I understand of the first film, Replicants are genetically created humans with tweaked genes, and thus called things instead of humans. That was the whole basis of the film, with the replicant trying to find one of their makers to stop growing old so quickly and discovering that it was the man's own sick genes he had introduced into the replicant line. So why talk about robots?