Could Doctor Who come to Halloween Horror Nights?

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Imagine an all-new Doctor Who interactive experience that allowed you to step aboard the TARDIS and go on an adventure of your very own...

Running for 28 years, Halloween Horror Nights has grown to become the world's premier event for fans of things that go bump in the night. Starting life as a small-scale event in 1991, it now takes place annually at Universal Studios in Orlando, Hollywood, Singapore and Japan.

With original content and licensed properties based on some of the biggest movies and TV shows, the event has grown and grown – with this year boasting more haunted houses than ever before, including a new maze based on Stranger Things.

But Michael Aiello – Senior Director of Entertainment and Creative Development for Universal Orlando and Halloween Horror Nights – told Digital Spy that he is a huge fan of Doctor Who and would love to devise an attraction based on the BBC sci-fi series.

"When I answer this question it's under the guise that I'm taking my Creative Director hat off and just being a fan right now!" Aiello said. "If Doctor Who was something that could exist within Horror Nights, and I was just a guest, the thing that I would love to see is a pay-off of the awesome monsters that exist within the show. There's more than 50 years of characters.

"But being total geek about it? Let's just say the TARDIS landed me on a planet that allowed me to do anything I wanted to do? We'd have to figure out a mode to think about how we get to these environments so quickly, and I want to justify that, so using the elements of the TARDIS to become the doorways.

Photo credit: BBC

"Kind of the idea that it's bigger on the inside – how do you create something like that, where every room you're constantly walking out through those doors into something new? Then back in, then back out again. How do we use the TARDIS in a manner that is our mode of transportation throughout the maze?

"And are we the Doctor? Are we walking in his or her footsteps? Or are we seeing the Doctor? You allow the doors to be your engagement point. We're getting super geeky about this and I love it!"

Though there are no firm plans for a Doctor Who attraction, Aiello emphasised that "it would be a dream to play with those characters".

"I don't want to mislead – it's not in the realm at this point!" he insisted. "This is me simply being a fan and 'what would I do?'. But I grew up with it, like everyone in Britain."

The new series of Doctor Who begins on BBC One on Sunday, October 7.

Halloween Horror Nights 2018 runs until November 3. For details and tickets visit

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