Could Germany + offer a Brexit breakthrough?

Staff writer

LBC's James O'Brien has proposed an alternative Brexit model to help break the current impasse and end the political and economic crisis the country faces.

On his radio show, O'Brien suggested that Britain should opt for Germany+, a reference to another the Norway-style relationship with the EU some MPs have advocated.

The radio host told listeners that Germany + would have some great benefits including: Control over borders by not being in the Schengen Area, no participation in the single currency, and being able to send EU migrants without means to support themselves back to their home countries.

He also went on to list the ability to veto Turkish membership and the formation of an EU army, and be signed up to over 40 free trade deals from day one.

So could this plan win backing? Well of, course as the radio host points out, Britain already has the Germany+ model as members of the European Union.