Could the key ingredient for moist cupcakes be … mayo?

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According to some internet sleuths and baking enthusiasts, mayonnaise — yes, the condiment — can help boost the moisture in baked goods. 

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Mayo is a pretty divisive food item that can either make or break a sandwich for some people. But what is mayo beyond just eggs and oil? Really the only two ingredients you need to make boxed cupcakes. Also, I may be biased because I think mayo is a perfect addition to any sandwich and fries.

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Naturally, I had to put it to the test myself. For this episode of Tried It!, I compared a mayonnaise cupcake with a regular cupcake to see if there really is any difference between the two and if mayo cupcakes are noticeably moister. 

Making the two cupcakes was easy — I just simply followed the directions on the back of the box mix. Instead of adding oil and three eggs for the mayo cupcake, I replaced each egg with a tablespoon of mayo and the oil with mayo. It was a lot of mayo.

When the cupcakes came out of the oven, the regular ones seemed a little bigger while the mayo ones did feel slightly softer. I was kind of nervous about eating a mouthful of mayo and chocolate frosting, but ultimately the mayonnaise cupcakes were perfectly fine.

Sure, the moisture level may have increased, but ultimately I can’t see myself permanently replacing eggs and oil with mayo every single time I bake something. But it’s a great solution if you’re missing an ingredient and in a time crunch, and a great way to freak out friends and guests by serving them “mayo cupcakes.”

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