Council baffled as vigilante puts up fake residents-only parking signs

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Homeowners in an upmarket street in Bath have been left scratching their heads after a number of mysterious 'Residents Parking Only' signs appeared overnight - APEX

Fake signs have been erected in a road to lead people into believing parking is restricted to residents only - and has council bosses scratching their heads about where they came from.

Notices state that the area of Sion Hill in Bath, Somerset, is in Residents Parking Zone F.

However, Zone F does not exist under the Bath and North East Somerset Council parking scheme. The official zones go from 1 to 16 and A to C only.

One resident said: “I’ve seen them, but I’m not sure where they came from. They weren’t put up during the day. Whether there’s a bit of Banksy going on at night time I don’t know.”

Another added: “It’s clever – they look professional. But I don’t know if anyone is fooled by them.”

Bath and North East Somerset Council highways team said it would be removing the signs. The area is near Bath Spa University’s Sion Hill campus, which houses the art and design school. Many students are thought to park their cars there. It is also an area used by people to avoid city centre parking charges.

Homeowners in the street say they are baffled too Credit: APEX

There are about 18 fake signs on two streets. The signs are not illegal to make and can even be bought online. However, it is illegal to erect them.

A spokesman for Bath and North East Somerset council said: “The council did not install these metal signs but is taking action to remove them as they have been illegally placed on the highway. The metal will be recycled. The council maintains a number of residents’ parking zones across Bath but there is not a Zone F in existence.

“Only the highways authority is authorised to place signage and restrictions on the highway, in accordance with the appropriate regulations and with public consultation.” One local was delighted with the new street furniture: “Long may it continue,” he said.

But another resident of the city, Dave Walcot, posted online: “Would this be another suburb where the majority of residents have private, off road, secure parking for at least one vehicle, but are too lazy to open a door or gate?”