Council becomes first to take on monthly bin collection, despite fears of rubbish and vermin

Nick Reilly
Residents fear huge piles of bins and vermin (REX)

The first council in England and Wales to roll out monthly bin collections has been condemned by residents – after an initial trial led to widespread complaints about vermin and burning rubbish.

Conwy Council in North Wales has become the first to extend the wait for rubbish collection to four weeks, after a pilot scheme in September 2016 trialled the scheme on 11,0000 homes.

The initial trial proved immediately divisive after families complained of increases in fly tipping – but the council has claimed that it will boost recycling levels and save £40,000 every year.

The decision was initially rejected last month, but the Tory and independent coalition council yesterday performed a U-turn to push through the change.

The scheme is being introduced in Conwy, North Wales (REX)

Labour councillor Chris Hughes said: ‘We’ve had a lot of complaints from residents [in the trial] and I think everyone in the whole county will be very disappointed with this decision. It’s a step too far,’ he said. ‘People will feel like they are being ask to pay more and more, while getting less and less services.’

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Council becomes first to take on monthly bin collection, despite fears of rubbish and vermin
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Local resident Angela Francis wrote on Twitter: ‘It hasn’t worked. Streets in Llandudno are filled with litter… bins spilled out in their last collection day, rubbish is just lingering, polluting the environment, acting as a health risk and looks appalling.’

  The change comes amid claims that council bosses are proposing a 5 percent increase in council tax for local residents. Households currently own one 240-litre black wheelie bin for general waste, three green recycling boxes and a green caddy for food waste.