Council makes decision on footpath stopping 715 Stoke-on-Trent flats being built

A footpath standing in the way of the construction of a giant student village featuring 715 flats and 224 parking spaces can now be diverted. Staffordshire University has planning permission to knock down existing accommodation blocks and replace them with the student village on its Leek Road campus.

But the footpath has to be moved before the development - off Lordship Lane - can go ahead. Now Stoke-on-Trent City Council's Public Rights of Way Panel has agreed to divert the footpath.

A report to the panel states: "Planning permission gives the landowner consent to build but it does not give permission to obstruct a public right of way. For the development to be completed the rights of way require extinguishing or diverting.

"The path to be diverted will provide connectivity to the remaining wider rights of way network. It will also have the surface improved to be accessible to the wider community in all but the worst of weather so contributing to the health of the local community and providing a more sustainable option than short car journeys."

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