Council turn down plans for caravan park close to Grade II listed hall

The land opposite the Three Rivers Caravan Park <i>(Image: Google)</i>
The land opposite the Three Rivers Caravan Park (Image: Google)

Plans to turn a vacant piece of land close to a Grade II listed building into a holiday park with space for 12 caravans have been rejected by the council.

In July, Mr Cherry of Beechthorpe Barn, Waddington, applied to Ribble Valley Borough Council to change the use of some land on the west side of Eaves Hall opposite the entrance to Three Rivers Caravan Park in West Bradford into a caravan park for 12 caravans, access, parking, landscaping and ancillary works.

More than 18 objections were raised by nearby residents which included the loss of and detriment to the Area of Outstanding National Beauty (AONB) land; increased traffic; and increased pedestrian traffic.

Neighbours also cited concerns over the narrow lanes and blind corner after the Three Rivers entrance; and raised issue with the creation of another caravan site (there are already three on Eaves Hall Lane), which would likely cause even more problems on a green agricultural site within the AONB.

There were also objections made in relation to wildlife habitats in the area and concern over sewage output, which is already at capacity.

After considering all factors and taking into consideration the objections, Ribble Valley Borough Council refused the application at the beginning of November.

A report to the planning committee alongside the decision notice read: “The proposed caravans and storage container, by virtue of their design and external appearance, would result in an incongruous form of development that fails to respond positively to or enhance the immediate context, being of detriment to the visual amenity of the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and the setting of Grade II Listed Eaves Hall.

“The proposal would result in cumulative impacts in terms of vehicular movements due to its remote location and visual impact from these units together with existing and approved development in an area reliant upon private motor vehicles resulting in an unacceptable form of linear development along Eaves Hall Lane to the detriments of highway safety and visual amenity.”