Council warns of 'unacceptable behaviour' at controversial Hayes Gardens consultation events

An aerial photograph of Carlton Park and Enderby Golf Course
-Credit: (Image: Jefferson Air Photography)

A Leicestershire council has warned it will not tolerate "any form of abuse, threats or physical aggression" towards staff or councillors after holding consultation events for the controversial Hayes Gardens homes plan. In an email sent to residents, Blaby District Council said the events had attracted more than 500 comments, and that it had received valuable feedback.

It said that the consultation events "were largely successful and constructive with most attendees being respectful and seeking productive conversations". But it added: "It was disappointing that a small minority displayed unacceptable behaviour. We must emphasise that any form of abuse, threats or physical aggression towards our engagement team, councillors or staff will not be tolerated under any circumstances."

The proposals, if they went ahead, would see 800 homes built on a former golf course between Narborough and Enderby. They would need to be included in the council's Local Plan, which sets out where development can and cannot take place, and the plan would then need to be approved by the Government's planning inspectorate before any planning application for the scheme could be approved.

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The total area of the Hayes Gardens site is 141 acres. To put that in perspective, that is roughly the size of nearly 80 full-size football pitches.

Proposals note that the land being considered for development lies to the south west of Leicester, to the west of the M1 and south of the M69. It is owned by Santander and Blaby District Council and includes Carlton Park and Enderby golf course. The vision is for "energy efficient, sustainable homes that could include renewable energy sources".

In its email, Blaby District Council said: "The scheme offers an opportunity to create a vibrant community featuring green space and much-sought-after affordable housing, significantly contributing to the needs of local people by creating new homes while meeting our planning obligation of delivering 687 new homes a year up to 2036."

Blaby District Council will seek approval for the Local Plan by the Government's inspectorate in late 2025. It would then be adopted by the council in March 2026. The proposals can be found by searching "Hayes Gardens".